Wednesday, April 9, 2008



1. The String Quartet will perform on (venue) on (date) for the (event)

2. The String Quartet will be as follows:
________________________ 1st Violin
________________________ 2nd Violin
________________________ Viola
________________________ Cello

Any replacements on the members would be solely for the reasons of sickness, or emergency.
Our group assumes the responsibility to make sure that the replacement would be of equal or even higher musical capability.

3. The String Quartet will arrive 1hour, or at the latest, 30mins before the celebration.

4. The String Quartet will be providing the following equipment:
a. Music Stands
b. Music Pieces
c. And our instruments (violins, viola and cello)

5. The String Quartet will be dressed in any of the ff attires: Barong, tuxedo, long sleeved or coat and tie.

6. The String Quartet will play for a maximum of 3 hours.

7. The String Quartet would require a program hard copy, or a program coordinator to assist us in the performance cues.

8. The String Quartet assures the client that they will perform to the highest level of discipline and musicality possible.

9. The String Quartet would play a wide range of repertoire from Baroque, Classical, Romantic, etc music, to country-ragtime, to broadway, standards, to beatles and modern popular songs. We also have selections of original Filipino Music available.

10. The String Quartet does not take requests on the spot. If there are requests, we would be able to play them if we have a piece available, specially arranged for the String Quartet.
The String Quartet will request for breaks in between sets.

For the CLIENT
1. The client will provide food and drinks for the quartet.

2. The client will pay___________(amount in words)____________(Php____________) to the String Quartet anytime before the program ends.
a. preferably cash
b. if check, please deposit a week earlier to :BDO Antipolo-Masinag Branch,
Acct 0630165602 Acct name: Theodore Philip Amper.

3. If the client requires special pieces, they have to provide the pieces for us to play arranged for string quartet. If there is no piece provided, the client can ask us to arrange at Php2K per piece.** The requested piece must be given to us at least a month in advance, and the piece will be arranged (at the latest) a day before the event.

4. Rehearsals and the like must be scheduled, and a rehearsal fee of Php6K is required.

5. Travel expenses (if outside metro manila) must be arranged exclusive of the talent fee. (toll, gas, parking)

6. The client will provide a table or a place for the quartet to retreat and rest in between sets.

7. The client will provide ample space (3m x 2m), ample lighting for the quartet to see their pieces, armless chairs (four pieces), and microphones on four separate boom stands and a sound system to amplify the sound, depending on the venue and number of guests.

**depending on the degree of difficulty of arrangement, the arranging fee is negotiable

please contact Mr. Theodore Amper at 0918-9066377 for booking and more info. God bless you!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Your blog's can be seen LIVE!

As a musician, I always dream of my 15 minutes of fame, whether its just me, or with a group where I can be seen live on TV! Actually, I’ve done many stuff like that with the orchestra and my quartet. However, since the advent of internet, and on-line promotions, I know its VERY possible for a nobody like me to be seen in the big STAGE: the World!

You can check out, where you can get live tv shows, anywhere in the world! You can host your very own live show too, and live broadcasts! Amazing huh? So, to wanna-bes out there, here’s our chance to be seen!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Manila String Machine, a music service provider for various events and functions, has extended it's roster of music services. We have
1.)Duets, (piano and violin), (starts at Php6k)
2.) trios (piano, flute, violin), (piano, violin, cello) etc. (starts at 9k)
3.) Chamber groups (5-12 members, mini orchestra) (from php20- php50k)

These has numerous combinations, I would have to update the clients on those, and the pieces they play. I also have contacts on SOLO performers like the great TOTO SORIOSO, who happens to be my classmate at Ateneo when we were in grade school. Man, he's a good singer and guitarist! He can be booked at Php4k for local venues, and if out of town, its Php8k. My list of performers even gets better!

I have special discounts when you want to inquire about the latest guitar legend JEROME RICO. His album Guitar Shop is available on every music store and he is awesome! His normalgig fee is about Php6k, and he delivers hands-down, super terrific music.

I can recommend solo instrumentalists too like Genesis Marquez and Dennis Contreras, who are solo violin players. The same rate at 4k for a night of solo violin music. They are great for personal haranas, an evening of light music at dinner-dates, etc.

Of course, String Quartets are standard so we start at php8k up to php16k for local events, for out of town, its normally double the rate. But all of these are negotiable, so please dont hesitate to inquire at 0918-9066377 or email me at

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