Monday, September 1, 2008

God's Provision

I always experience first hand the lessons of God. I don't want to experience them to be honest, but in His will, He allows those which are necessary for me to go through and those which I can learn from others' experiences.

Forgiveness was one, but thank God He gave me the strength to have that... and the other thing is provision. His providence (which comes from the Latin words "pro", meaning "before", and "visio", meaning "to see", is what it really means to me right now. I have to have the faith to believe that God "will see to it" that my needs are met. Our exact needs are simple, they are to pay for bills, provide food and shelter for my family, provide transportation for all of us, and of course the other stuff we need-- they are medical costs for Rose, including all my payments at home (for the car), for my credit card (for the wheels I got for my car-again), and insurance. Man, I don't know where to get the finances.

But with all the years God has provided, and with all the lessons I heard and learned from the Bible and at church, I cannot see the reason why I need to worry, nor be afraid. GOD WILL SEE TO IT that ALL my needs are met. And He always does.

I also learned this beautiful statement... "I want to watch the Lord do His stuff". And I do enjoy seeing Him provide. His requirements are simple, GIVE, and WATCH. Give faithfully your dues to His ministry and to the church (which means you have to earn a living), and Watch closely (dont miss it) how He will provide. God loves us to notice and appreciate Him by saying thank you. He wants the glory the honor and the praise when He accomplishes His work. When He does His promises, He wants us to notice.

And I know with all my heart my needs are to going to be met, I do not know how or when, but by faith I will be able to stand up and wait in the Lord until that time comes.

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