Friday, February 29, 2008

What occupies my time...blogging!

We as bloggers have made our hobby of writing about stuff and the sort a passion and a vent for our expression. And what makes blogging an even more exciting activity is that we can actually make it a profession! Yes! Make money out of it! True, enjoy and make money! What could be a better thing? Ah, truly, a bloggers paradise! Oh by the way, did you know that blog is a short term for WeB-Log? Just something trivial.

Anyway, I've discovered many sites that offer to monetize your blog just by simply talking about it! Try to visit bloggerwave and you'll find it a very interesting site. So, my point is simple... put value to your time in your blogging, I mean monetary! Its the epitome of coolness! By the way, Tamperproof worship is also a blog where I talk about my life, how I make a living, and what occupies my time.

By the way, our Youth camp is coming, and I'll be able to advertise my blogsite to more than a thousand people! What a blessing! I'll be able to share to them how even students and out of school youth can earn money with less work, but more brains! BLOG NOW!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Traveling is always a dream for me. And I always have wished to travel around the world. In the recent Andrea Bocelli Asian Tour, I was privileged to join the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra in touring with the World Class tenor. We went to Hong Kong and Singapore and our accommodations were exquisite!

This year, my colleagues and I are planning to travel around South East Asia, primarily Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand. And as a smaller group, we had to figure stuff out more in a personal hands-on experience. All the tickets should be booked, hotels, food, a traveling plan, a detailed itinerary of activities, and all the sort.

So, whats a better first step than to log on to the web and search for booking agents? One of the easiest sites you can go to is Here's a simple list why: It has such a user friendly site where you can find choices of the destination, the hotel, a detailed description of that hotel, and links you to the hotel's site if you desire, help you get your flight booking, a rented car waiting for you when you arrive at your destination, its really a one-stop shop! Not only does the site connect you to hotels, it also has links to motels, resorts, vacation rentals, and packages etc!

And by the way, DISCOUNTS!!!! The most important financial factor! You can get all these in the site. With regards to other sites with the same services, I still recommend because it even gives you up to a $100 rebate on a per day vacation basis. It is so cool! Anyway, I wanted to talk about the site's competitive prices... let's put it simple: its the best site you can go to when you need to travel and get a good deal! As a business tycoon once said, low price for a great value.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cool glasses at an affordable price

Looks like all people, or at least a great majority of people lose their keeness in their eyesight directly proportional to thier age. Its just a fact. But you can age and lose the 20-20 vision with style! A great discovery: Zenni Optical! $8 for a pair of customized framed prescription glasses!

For the normal person, many put off buying a pair of glasses just because its pricy and they dont have the time to wait for their glasses. But Zenni Optical $8 Rx Glasses gives the perfect solution top this problem, and practically erases all excuses when it conmes to not buying your needed glasses. Affordable, stylish, and fits your everyday needs. Its trully a best thing found: Zenni Optical.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Online Billiards

Calling all 8-ball, 9-ball, and snooker players! How would you you like to play your favorite online pool game at the comfort of your very own home? Rather your very own room? Not enough space? How would you love the idea of playing anywhere, just with your very own PC or laptop?

You may ask, "How is that possible?" The answer is simple: Online billiards! The great thing about this new site is that you get to play with the best players around the world without the hassle of traveling! Play with your friends without the table itself, and you're rid of the the noise of the balls and other nosy people, its just like having your own pool table! Think about it, your wife or mom won't be worried to death wondering where you are at because you can play with your friends (and even international players) just in your house! Imagine not paying for drinks and food for your friends if they come over! It's so cool! By the way, you get to play and win REAL MONEY! Yes, dreams may come true...

You get to play online billiard in a full 3D environment, armed with outstanding graphics, and it even offers full technical on-line support so everything seems for real! On the home page, the design will welcome you with it's user-friendly interface, allowing you to choose to play snooker, 8 ball or nine ball.

So what are you waiting for? Log on to now!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

While we were yet sinners

After reading my own blog on my "unchanging love", I felt compelled to talk about the kind of love God has for ALL... ridiculous, really, coz it is offered even to evil people and "non-deserving" individuals. Let's begin with the fact that NO ONE deserves the love of God. Not even the Jews. But again, He decided to love us, ALL. No exceptions. It was His choice to love an undeserving people, and that is why it is amazing. And however "holy" we think we are, or religious, or clean, or whatever you may want to call it, all our "good" works are like filthy rags, if it used in the context of earning or deserving God's love.

Imagine someone you meet in the street, dirty, and filthy all over. You suddenly see his/her state and you approach the stranger and asks him if you could love him, and even become part of your life which requires your constant attention. Quite far-fetched eh? A complete stranger, and you love that person still. Not your type, but you still go on. Now, word spreads to all and they want to be loved by you too. You extend the same love to all who seek your love, and you even hope that everyone would avail of your free offer. Now people do want your love and want to express their interest in receiving your love by offering to trade their gifts for your love. But here are their gifts: the best one could offer was a rag which was used to clean the vomit of a sick person. Sorry, really gross. And that was the best offer. 99.9 % offered something more gross than that. However sincere the person maybe, there is no way you will accept the offer, besides, you're giving it for FREE! Why accept a gross, worthless deal? I hope I painted a picture of why ALL our humanitarian acts, good works, holy living and the likes only amount to filthy rags when offered to God.

Now, I know my picture is still far from the grace that reality expresses. God's love is more than what I've described. Infinitely more. Now you may ask, what kind of love did God really offer to people? When this world actually is in LACK of love? There is so much hate and so much hunger and thirst for love, how come a vast majority of people have not experienced this love? If God really loves ALL, why doesn't He simply give it?

The answer is : He already has. He said in His word, that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Yes, even if we don't accept the love, he already expressed His love for us. And it was offered to all of us.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tamperproof Worship

My blog is entitled Tamperproof Worship because it's main focus is a pure heart. My heart's worship for Jesus must not be tampered with , and must remain pure, because this new church-culture has given worship so many dimensions, and so many definitions, I almost see myself as worshiping with a trend. My goal, as a worshiper, as a songwriter, as a worship leader, as a Christian, is to be steadfast, radical, rooted to the basics, but changing from glory to glory.

My heart goes out to those who value emotion over understanding. Who get too caught up with the wind of music without being firmly planted on Biblical soil, those who get the "party with Jesus" mental attitude and forget the reverent fear and holiness that the Father demands.

I hate to be labeled as conservative, but I would be more inclined to be labeled as a Biblical God-follower than trendy. My goal too in tamperproof worship is that this blog would be a site where worshipers could get encouragement, new ideas, songs, connections to other worshipers, and the like.

By the way, tamperproof also stands for T.(theodore) Amper proofed Worship music. In other words, the worship music that I wrote are all Copyrighted, and therefore, those who want to make money and recordings out of them, are not legally permitted to do so! Anyway, watch out for new blog entries, coz I plan to research materials on love, courtship and marriage, holiness, purity, and basically PRACTICAL EVERYDAY Worship.

String quartet Manila packages

Manila String Machine

Manila String Machine Trio (piano, violin, cello) Php 12,000

Alright, this is some info about string quartet services in manila. The Quatro Stagioni String Quartet.

I believe many of you who view my blog are inquiring about string quartet packages at the most reasonable price. For a fact I know most of you are scouting for the cheapest possible rates. Well, in here I'll blow it.

For our string quartet, our prices start at Php8,000- Php32,000. BUT, this should be the standard for ALL string quartets: we NORMALLY charge Php16K for three hours worth of playing and a maximum of 5 hours total standby time. For example, if your event starts at 3pm, the quartet will be there on time, and should be leaving by 8pm. Within that time frame we will be playing three (3) hours worth of music. But what about the Php8K? That is for super-duper shortened playing. For example, we'll play only for dinner for 1hr or shorter. But whether 8k or 32k, you are assured of top quality music.

Separate rehearsal dates are charged Php1,200 per person, if you want the whole string quartet to come, you will have to prepare Php6,000. But as a tip, you can only get the keyboardist to come at the rehearsal...saves you a lot of money.

Now, the price becomes lower when the client offers transportation money, and/or limits the playing time to a few hours total, then does not require the quartet to play all throughout, then the rates become Php15K.

It even becomes a lot better for the client, if he/she offers to get an exclusive deal with our quartet for multiple functions, it could possibly still go down to Php12K, Php10k, or even Php8k, depending on the issues and details discussed. But please, dont get cheap on us!

I could prepare a sample draft of the contract upon request. Just call or send your email to my mobile number 0918-9066377, then I'll send you a copy as soon as possible! String quartet manila

Monday, February 11, 2008

Love Grows, or does it?

I have adopted a radical view on my love for Rose, my wife. Although it may sound weird and un-romantic, but at the end I see it very well fits how I really feel for my wife.

Here's the statement: I CAN'T LOVE MY WIFE MORE.

Wild. Heartless. Cold.

On the other hand, I see it as a Biblical way of loving someone. When I decided to love Rose, take note DECIDED, not just "fell" in love, I made it a point that I would love her with the closest possible way God loves His Children and His wife: the Church. What I mean is simple: God doesn't love you more, and love you less because He loves You just the way you are and you cant do anything about it. His love is an everlasting love as described in Jeremiah, and it never changes. Many say about God's love: you cant earn it, or do anything bad not to deserve it. His love is a gift, and it is free, it is unconditional, and it is perfect. Paralleled to my love for my wife, I told my heart that I shouldn't have a "human" love for Rose, because it fades, and I tell you, it all depends on emotions. But if you learn to love someone with God's love, it might, it JUST might not be the same!

So, I chose to love my wife like that: not changing, and she cant do anything to change that. I have to learn to do that more and more each day because I fight with my human side EVERYDAY! From the day I said I Love You to the day we breathe our last, I must love her at a constant way. Now what happened to getting closer and growing more in love? Cute, but I would want to call it " growing together in God's love" everyday. I would rather rejoice in the fact that I love her, and knowing more about her causes me to ENJOY and thank God more, rather than loving her more. You see, our love (by God's strength) must remain constant, only the relationship grows, the enjoyment grows, the passion grows, and even the problems grow, and our understanding of each other changes, and sometimes, our character completely changes but the love remains the same.

A verse in the Bible describes this concept very vividly: Now these three remain: Faith, hope, and love. But of the three, the greatest is love. Why? Because, many times, our faith in our spouse changes. Many times, our hopes of them changing to what we expect them to be fades, and even tuns into frustration and despair, but if LOVE REMAINS, you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. You will survive. But if you put your chances of success on your faith on each other, your hopes for each other, I tell you, you will be very disappointed. It would be great to have all three, believe me, I want that for every family! But if all else fails, let love remain the same.

And that is how I chose to love my wife...

I hope I fully understand what I'm saying, but in my heart I know I'm right.

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tamperproof worshipper
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