Thursday, May 15, 2008

new songs coming!

Last night, as we were preparing a line up for Sunday's songs, God gave me a tune and a topic about serving Him. Our series this May is refreshing oneself in God's healing waters, and the specific topic is Jesus' washing of the feet of the disciples, so I needed to write a song about service. Serving others is great, but serving the Lord is the best!

I thought that us serving Him is really just a response to what He has already done! I can never serve Him out of my own initiative...why? He served me first. The same when I say I love Him: God loved me first, and died for my sins even when I was still hopeless. He chose to love me. What is amazing is to know that He has loved me with an everlasting love, and has drawn me with His loving kindness!

Going back, so my song will revolve around that topic, and ideas from His Word. Not yet complete though, coz I realized that the line up wasn't finished yet! Well, after it was finished I felt I needed to pray more about the song's structure and poetry. Oh, my fervent prayer is that my words wouldn't be too much "my" feelings, but more of who He is, and facts from the Word! Lord help me write YOUR song! I pray that He would give me the chance to write more songs for Him! I love singing to my great God!!!

Watch out for the new song!

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