Thursday, November 13, 2008

When I Proposed to My Wife

Would you trust in things you dont see?
Would you jump the bridge at my count to three?
Would you run the race of life with me?
Just hold my hand and let's be free!

Winds may change, and seasons go
But love will stay and faith will flow
My only pray'r, my final plea:
Would you spend this lifetime with me?

Fly with me, let us soar through endless skies and
Be with me, my whole world would fall down on its knees
Just to be with you
I'd live and die for the love of a Rose

This is a song I wrote while planning to propose marriage to my long time girlfriend-fiancee-best friend-best enemy-most efficient partner-etc. Hehehe. I just love this woman.

It was January 28, 2007, a Sunday afternoon was perfect for me to ask her to marry me. Honestly, she didn't need this stuff. She knew I was going to marry her and I know her answer anyway, and in fact I was delaying everything she is kinda waiting on me already... which is a bad thing really.

I arranged for the place to be at an overlooking view of manila, so I rented out the top deck of Seven Suites Hotel, and got a package for us to enjoy an evening of fine dining, just the two of us (well of course with my friends who were my musicians too and camera men), and i was nervous at the same time excited to get on with the plan.

I asked Rose to dress up a bit, because I was wearing a coat, and i told her I'll bring her to a nice restaurant. I knew she knew what I was planning from the start because she smells me like a blood hound a mile away... see, Im that bad a liar or a surprise planner.

After church service I brought my friends (conspirators) to the deck and I asked them to stay put until I was to signal them. With everything ready, camera, guitar, this new song I wrote, etc. I was all set. I picked her up and we drove to the wonderful place, and even escorted her out. But something terrible happened... I forgot the RING!!!

I had to ask her to come back with me somewhere because I needed to get "something" important. As hard as I was trying to conceal it, Rose asked," You forgot the ring didn't you?" Though fuming with humiliation, I held my peace and said something else. She knew I was lying.

After I got the ring, we went back to the hotel and began our dinner.


Set 1

Tomato Bisque

Caesar Salad

Shrimp Cocktail

Steak Au Poivre with Duchess Potato

Choco Caramel Cake

She loved the place and we were serenaded by our friends' recording. After dinner and dessert, and a while of awkward talking, I finally signaled my friends to come in and get this over with.

I reached for the case, made sure the ring was there, and got down on my knees and sang the song above. After the song, accompanied by my good 'ol friends Kenneth, Jeff and Ryan, I asked her: "Rose, would you marry me?"

The answer was obvious and now we are happily married with a dog in Kingsville Subdivision where we plan to raise a family!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Not My Words

I wrote a song depicting my own struggle when trying to write a song for church... as I often get stuck with poetry rules, (rhyme, syllabication, symmetry, content, unity of theme, etc) and even music "degree of coolness", and I often lose sight of the important thing... what does God think? Of course I wont find direct answers to what God thinks about my song, whetehr its too high, or too much guitar, or its too rock-y, but its really about how you live your life. Its really not our words, but its our heart and life God is looking at. Well, here's the song at youtube!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

IN AWE of a Great God Concert Proper

Program Proper

Legacy Project video as walk in presentation
National Anthem
Front Act by SBC Makati led by Pastor Jeff Aspacio

Opening Remarks about the Concert’s theme and the beneficiary project, Legacy Project.
(Pastor Lance Gotcher)

Opening Video (Symphony of Praise) (3mins)

Speechless- Ted Amper (5mins)

Host Spiel (2min)

Fast Song by the Shekinah (5mins)

Host Spiel (2min)

Fast Song by Master’s Pedestal (5mins)
Host Spiel (2min)
You Are God Alone-
Pastor Lance, Pastor James, Augie, Nyor and Ted (10mins)
Host Spiel (2min)
Indescribable- Nyor with Video (5 mins)
Host Spiel (2min)
Another Time and Another PlaceTita Glen and Oyie (5mins)
Host Spiel (2min)
I Can Only Imagine/A Light of a Million Mornings- Alexis Edralin (10 mins)

Message: Pastor Lance (30mins)
Guitar Solos
Caught Up In Rapture -Jeffrey Ayanco (5mins)
Always with Me Always with You – Alex Tabac (5mins)

Awesome God Human Video - ACTS (10mins)

Everyone stands for congregational singing:

Ted calls ALL the performers on stage to sing:
How Great Thou Art, How great is our God, Generation of Light, God is Great Praise Team (20 mins)
A King Is Born

TOTAL RUNNING TIME: approx two(2) hours

tamperproof worshipper

tamperproof worshipper
rock it for Jesus