Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Music: Where is it Heading?

I've been writing alot of worship songs since I got involved with our music team as a worship leader since 1997. I've been blessed to have written over 60+ songs and by God's grace over 90% of the songs have a very high retention and appeal to the congregation. Though of course it is not the goal AT ALL, since we know that it's what God would think that matters, but practically speaking, you have to think about the congregation (crowd, audience) who will sing the songs, so it does have a factor.

Moving on, I'm very blessed to have been chosen by God to write such well-loved songs like Heartcry, Take Me, Pumarito Ka, For Eternity, This is the Day, Worship You, Alay, etc. God could've chosen anybody to do that for Him, but still, even though I am a dirty, rotten sinner, He used me. Praise the Lord... With that said, I feel I'm not giving His songs much justice by sharing it only to our local churches, and sadly, even just to our congregation. I know the songs can go farther and be a blessing to other bodies of believers elsewhere. Be it paid or not, my goal is to see the nations worship, and I would love to be part of that by letting the songs entrusted to me be hymns of praise, of thanksgiving, of devotion, of worship to our God.

The thing that troubles me is this... I don't know where I'm heading. I have this weakness of being in too many duties at the same time, spreading myself too thin, and ending up not accomplishing really BIG-TIME for God. I also have the love for many things, an interest for many subjects, and a desire to be student and also a leader. I am so confused. I ask not that God would take away these wonderful gifts from me, but I ask that He would give me the will, the wisdom and the character to decide on which I should prioritize and pursue.

Right now, the songs are just sitting here, waiting to be a blessing to others. I desire for God to help me record these songs, lead me to producers who will fund the recording and publishing, and distribution, even promotions of these songs. If any of you might want to help me in this endeavor, please help by praying for a good laptop computer that I may be mobile in recording and editing from our church and our home, a good condenser microphone, and lastly, please pray that God would provide for me musicians who are really capable and talented, and who have hearts to worship the Lord.

If you want to express your help in any way possible, please contact me at botbydblud@yahoo.com or by calliong my phone 0918-9066377. May the Lord bless you and keep you in His love and grace!

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Our Life in a Day said...

kuya ted i know someday you'll be able to record all the songs you have made for God. I am one of thousand of people who has touched by your song and now became a follower by Christ after all the camps i have attended! Love yoursongs and your songs surely will touch evryone who will hears it. Ill pray for you to beable to record it and distribute it to all the people who doesnt know God yet. Keep it up and may you have made alot of songs for our God!

tamperproof worshipper

tamperproof worshipper
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