Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Will to Keep On Going

I am presently at a state where things are piling up in my life. Demands, bills, expectations, needs, work, opportunities, and all the sort. I find myself groping for air and scratching for my next meal. More over, the next supply depot for my wife and I. Don't get me wrong, my wife and I are amply supplied. But I'm starting to get the feeling that my needs are growing but my income isn't coping.

To explain further, I wrote an entry talking about the wonderful things my godfathers have advised me. They are indeed wonderful and my wife and I are starting to practice them. we are doing our best to live under our income, at 70% to be exact. Now, we are getting detailed on our accounting. We set up a worksheet showing all our income, bills, expenditures, savings etc. Now, looking at it, we were amazed to find out that our income as increased dramatically since last year! Praise God! I also noticed that before we spent almost as much as we earned so we didnt have savings last year. Now that we're starting, we decided all the necessary stuff to be able to save.

But the will wont be enough. Factors such as oil price hikes, rice prices going up, EVERYTHING going up, more personal demands coming, more problems coming, and life simply gets harder, I honestly can say that my will to save up and earn more isnt enough. We tried living cheaper, working harder, saving more, and becoming more efficient in our expenditures, but the OTHER factors keep on negating our efforts. It seems like an endless circle down.

Before I sound anymore discouraging, I am glad I do have good news. We have a God who promised He will take care of us. Even if the oil hikes to the sky, our God has bigger plans and has longer arms to embrace all of our needs and carry us up. It is very difficult these times to say and believe that we have hope. But all we have to do is continue the fight, and wait on the Lord's salvation. In the midst of all the chaos and darkness, though we walk in the shadow of the valley of death, LET US FEAR NO EVIL. Let us not fear.

For young men will lose their strength, and our resources will fail, but they that hope or wait on the Lord, their strength shall be renewed. We will be steadfast and firm and its as if we were carried over our storms on wings like eagles, and though we run, we will not be weary, and though we walk, we will not grow faint.

We serve a God who is powerful. Even if we dont believe it, even if our faith doesnt measure up to it, the fact is He is powerful. He created the universe, and He is sovereign. He NEVER loses control. Actually, He has this all planned out for His glory. He allows trouble, so that we can see His salvation. Be encouraged. He will save us, and nothing compares to the promise we have in Him.

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