Tuesday, February 12, 2008

String quartet Manila packages

Manila String Machine

Manila String Machine Trio (piano, violin, cello) Php 12,000

Alright, this is some info about string quartet services in manila. The Quatro Stagioni String Quartet.

I believe many of you who view my blog are inquiring about string quartet packages at the most reasonable price. For a fact I know most of you are scouting for the cheapest possible rates. Well, in here I'll blow it.

For our string quartet, our prices start at Php8,000- Php32,000. BUT, this should be the standard for ALL string quartets: we NORMALLY charge Php16K for three hours worth of playing and a maximum of 5 hours total standby time. For example, if your event starts at 3pm, the quartet will be there on time, and should be leaving by 8pm. Within that time frame we will be playing three (3) hours worth of music. But what about the Php8K? That is for super-duper shortened playing. For example, we'll play only for dinner for 1hr or shorter. But whether 8k or 32k, you are assured of top quality music.

Separate rehearsal dates are charged Php1,200 per person, if you want the whole string quartet to come, you will have to prepare Php6,000. But as a tip, you can only get the keyboardist to come at the rehearsal...saves you a lot of money.

Now, the price becomes lower when the client offers transportation money, and/or limits the playing time to a few hours total, then does not require the quartet to play all throughout, then the rates become Php15K.

It even becomes a lot better for the client, if he/she offers to get an exclusive deal with our quartet for multiple functions, it could possibly still go down to Php12K, Php10k, or even Php8k, depending on the issues and details discussed. But please, dont get cheap on us!

I could prepare a sample draft of the contract upon request. Just call or send your email to my mobile number 0918-9066377, then I'll send you a copy as soon as possible! String quartet manila

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