Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Leadership by Example

I am blessed to have people under me who are good men and women of the Lord. Whose desire is to serve the King and to make His glory known. I have been leading our worship team in church, and for some reason lately, my friends and co-servants who serve under me have noticed and commended my being a loved leader.

In all honesty, I don't see myself as a head of an army, much less even the head of a company of soldiers, I just do my job and I want to get the work finished as clean and as early as possible. But praise the Lord in my service to Him, many of the young people have been blessed by the attitude I have taught them, to never be arrogant, but in humility regard others better than themselves.

In the ministry, integrity, and passion must go hand in hand. Besides that it is imperative to have a servant heart. But it all becomes effective if we lead by example. We cannot be generals who fight the war behind the last line of defense. I believe in a leader who is always in the front, raising the banner, and declaring, "follow me to VICTORY!" Ha, the picture of a champion!

I am far from my dream, but in my opinion, i will always be heading towards that direction. MAybe I will never reach my goals, and would lead only a handful of soldiers in my lifetime, but it is all worth it, if i knew, that some faithfu; men and women followed my lead, as i led by example. As the Apostle Paul said, follow me, as I follow Christ.

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Frances said...

Yes, leadership is a gift given to very few people and it is a gift that must not be taken lightly or abused. It is good to read that you are serious about your role as a leader.

Always remember that actions speak louder than words. Be humble, be wise, be intuitive, be helpful, be considerate, be kind, be strong, be faithful. To lead is hard. But you're right, in everything--not just in ministry--integrity, passion, service are required. Also balance!

And no, you don't have to be at the front line all the time. Many wars are led behind the scenes by the greatest generals. The visible ones, of course, get all the glory, but these silent masterminds are the real heroes. So part of your role as a leader is to mentor your team so that one day you can stand back and then let them take over. That is the greatest thing a leader can do, to teach and then to disappear.

But right now, just be happy at the front and don't be discouraged. I like Philippians 3:12-14. Reach forward! Press on! The prize awaits!

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