Friday, May 30, 2008

What transpired today...

Man, what a day! I went to makati Pio del Pilar High School again to hold a seminar regarding Integrity in the lives of young delinquent kids. This is a program by Breaking Point, and Pastor Jeff and Jennie spearheaded the event since last May23. Anyway, as always, by God's grace, the seminar always ends up for God's glory. I always pour my heart out to them concerning moral purity, a spotless reputation, responsible character, etc. basically being a person of integrity.

By lunch time, I was done with my part so I went out to do my chores, like getting my license back from the Municipality of Mandaluyong because I got caught because of color coding. I was a little bit confused about the way going to these destinations so I took a little extra time before I finally arrived. To my disappointment, my license wasnt even surrendered there yet by the officer! Man! I went there for nothing!

After that, I went to Buendia to get the PA of kuya Fidel fixed at Yamaha. Man, it was hard to carry that thing along! By the end of this day, I got a haircut and Im writing this blog just incase a work op comes up...

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Rap Music Genre

Before I even wrote a song of my type, which is Rock-alternative, I started to write rhyme. Yes, I rapped! I remember rapping the old school way, with "yes,yes, yo..." and 'bring it down" in every pause, and I was jumpin up and down on every thug of the beat box. Anyway, I soon fell in love with the guitar, and with it, love songs and rock music. I was so happy with the time Francis M. and other bands like Beastie Boys, etc. were incorporating rap and metal at the same time. Nowadays, with the insurgence of POD, Linkin Park, and those other bands, I again started to rap and rock! When I married my girlfriend i was forced to listen and to like R n B, hip hop and those more modern flava of rap. I like it, actually, but Im always careful of the message they want to convey. Eminem's style is a personal favorite, but I repeat, his style only. Not his messages.
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Wordless Wednesday: My Birthday Celebration

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Birthday Photos

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Manga Name

Actually, based on a top selling comic book, the movie is coming up Bleach the Movie, this movie is really gonna rock on June 11 and June 12 on over 300 theaters nationwide. If you want to find out more about the movie tickets, since the movie will be everywhere, there will be no problem with that. However, for more info, you can log on to

I was asked if I were a character there, I'd call myself Corban Theodore. Theodore is Greek for Gift of God, and Corban, in Hebrew, means Gift for God. It's simply this, I would be a character who would originally come from the Soul Society, helping others through various powers that can actually be unpredictable. "Godly" I suppose. Then, in the end, in a great battle for the salvation of the World, the hero would have to be given up, as a gift to god,so the other heroes could win the war. Cool huh?

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My Birthday

My birthday is very interesting. I was greeted by my friends and relatives, and I really felt special! However, this day, as I have written about it in my previous posts, is already a day that I have anticipated, thus removing all feelings that it is my birthday! Today I started my life in Pio Del Pilar High School in Makati, sharing my heart out that there is a good life ahead of those kids. A hard, but good life. Those delinquent kids are headed the wrong way, and praise God He used me to somehow share a message of hope and change, through fear of the Lord, and a living relationship with Him.

Im meeting up with my wife right now, then we're going to buy some food for my family so we could celebrate a simple birthday party! Happy Birthday to me!

Friday, May 23, 2008

SALE SALE SALE! Im gonna buy a laptop!

Here in the Philippines, we dont have a Thanksgiving Day or a Black Friday, which is a day after Thanksgiving, and Easter isnt too much of a deal. But since I go to a church that has an American Pastor, I learned that Thanksgiving is such a BIG thing in the US. Even bigger than Christmas! I recall my Pastor buying gifts at the local mall here to celebrate Thanksgiving in the Philippines. He told me a story that in the United States, shops drop prices during Thanksgiving and people rush to the stores even in the wee hours of the morning, falling in line and waiting for their turn just to get their hands on the items to be given to their loved ones.

Its a good thing the internet has become very accessible everywhere, and since the advent of WiFi , cheap laptops (by the way I might purchase a laptop through this site- check it out black friday sale, because I heard you can get a laptop for less than $500! Compared here, the cheapest is at around $800), e-stores have popped out everywhere and services have become so easy to reach without having to go through the hassle of falling in line and waking up early. I also get email alerts to see if new black friday ads hve been posted. And through this site, my friends say I can save alot of money too!

Im excited for the American Thanksgiving and black friday saleto come! It’s SALE! SALE! SALE! And I can get my very first laptop!

The Last Four Days of My Twenties

Today I have four more days to go before I leave my youth. It is exciting, but somehow it is a little depressing. Hmmm, a Christian shouldn't be depressed at all, but always hopeful and positive. So, I'll talk about some stuff I experienced during my twenties.

Let's see, let's start with the bad stuff. In my twenties, I got hospitalized for dengue, and numerous number of times with high fever. In my late twenties, I also felt that my eyesight is starting to deteriorate. My right eye is my only functional eye actually, but because of too much internet surfing and PSP, I've strained it so much! Well, sometimes its normal, but sometimes, when Im tired my sight gets double.

Another thing that I may call bad is that my tummy grew to a blob! Yuck! I remember I always had a six pack during my teens. But along with that I also had my bones sticking out! I really grew more sideways. I also developed a line in my nape, which my wife always taunts me with.

In my twenties, I experienced the most painful emotional experience. I wont go into detail, but I also learned how difficult it is to forgive, but praise God, Im over it, and all is well.

Aside from my musical experiences as a professional cellist, I was able to write songs starting in my twenties. I remember writing Pumarito Ka in Baguio, and it was my first "hit" song! I was told it is being sung in Filipino communities in the US. Since that time, the Lord has been giving me alot of songs, and I was able to write a total of 70+ songs and what a decade it was!

I also was able to meet new Praise and Worship Pals like Nikko, Paolo, James, Magoo, Mamaik, Nino, etc in Bread from Heaven Church. But eventually, I also met Mike Alba, Karel Honasan, Franklin and Otep, who are great drummers and musicians. Nikki Gil also became a friend and

My Last Five Days in My Twenties

Alright, another day has passed and I realized I'm a day closer to my death! How morbid! But I am a day closer to my thirtieth birthday. All my past youthful days are now going out the door. I don't feel bad, honestly, actually I'm excited to see what God has in store for me and my wife!

Being thirty is going to be a big adjustment in my life. I suppose my twenties make up for who I am today, I am a professional musician, with a degree in music, and with a job as a musician and minister of music. To tell you honestly, I never dreamed to be in this line of work. I wanted to be an engineer, and I wanted to continue my masters in engineering in MIT, then go to China to be a professor, and work as a "tent maker" like the Apostle Paul, and share the gospel there! It was pretty much planned out when I was beginning my college life. However, due to my irresponsibility, and laziness, I ruined it when I got kicked out of UP Engineering. I was 19, and I was clueless to what will happen to my future.

Two months before my 20th birthday, I decided to try out UP College of Music, since I know how to play guitar. I did a crash course on classical pieces, and my dad assisted me in basic solfegge. It was then that I realized that this may be it. Music was a completely different world that I thought I imagined. It was Planet X. A new dimension, a parallel world! By God's grace I passed the aptitude test, a written part and a sight singing part, basically because the questions were multiple choice, and the sight singing in my days was just a C major scale starting at G! But to crush my pride, I wasnt able to pass the audition for guitar major. My world came crashing down. My dad was a gift from God, he made a way for me to enroll in music, but as a cello major. I didnt know what a cello was!!! I didnt even know how to read music, much less the F clef!

It was a completely humiliating experience for me to go to class on the first day, as fresh 20 year old guy, surrounded by seniors my age, and a host of co-freshmen 5 years younger. And as a freshman, I knew I didn't deserve to be seated in the orchestra... first stand. I didnt know how to hold a bow, a cello, how to read notes, I didnt know anything!

The good thing about my case is that grace alone caused me to enter such a prestigious university. I didnt audition for cello, my teacher was the premier cellist of the Philippines, and I was completely inexperienced. And I relied completely on God's strength and talent to get me through the humiliation of not having anything to say when I was asked who my first teacher was, when did I start playing cello, etc. And that same grace saw me through the next 7 years in music!

I had my first recital when I was 25, and my graduation recital when I was 28. All my professional experience came by when I was forced to play quartet back when I was 22, since not many cellists were around, thus our high demand. I bravely accepted gigs I cannot yet cope with, but by prayer and practice, I was able to accomplish what only God can do through me.

In these years, I experienced working with the musical artists I only dreamed of seeing live on stage. I experienced also getting paid bucks for a few notes I played. A lot of recordings were lined up for then "unkown" artists like stonefree, Up Dharma Down, Session Road, etc. I also experienced traveling Asia with the Tenor Andrea Bocelli. I was given free plane rides and hotel accommodations whenever we played somewhere far. My food was always first class. I tasted the best food all the most expensive restaurants could offer.

I see my twenties as a time of blessing, experience, and growth as a musician, as a professional. In these times I learned a lot about character, integrity, and professionalism. I got embarrassed a lot, humiliated a lot, and hurt, but I grew from all those. I experienced traveling with my expensive antique cello on rainy school days on a jeep, taxi, or FX, and even ran in the rain with it. I sacrificed getting wet outside of the jeep while my cello lay dangerously in the middle of the muddy floor of the jeepney.

The last decade offered so many challenges, so many trials, so many victories, I had to say Im quite ready for the next decade coming up. I just hope I get disciplined and wise enough to make these next years be productive, coz I want to be rich!!! Rich for the Lord!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Last Six Days of My Twenties

May 21, 2008. I just finished paying the gift I bought my wife! I still remember buying her engagement ring, November 2006. I am not a wealthy man, I can never call myself financially abundant, so for me, the engagement ring was already a feat to accomplish! By God’s amazing grace I was able to pay it off! I made it a point to submit my decision to God’s approval first, before buying something expensive, such as an engagement ring. And of course I don’t hear a “yes” or a “no”, but I think about it, if I don’t go against His Word, if my parents approve of it, if my elders who give me advice say its okay, if I know its good, then I take it as a “go” signal from God. And how do I know it was really a “yes”? Simple, God gives me the ability to pay for it!

Now, about this gift I bought again for Rose, it was something I couldn’t afford given that I am already a family man, with many financial responsibilities. And yes, I’m still NOT a wealthy man. (When would that change?) My wife’s birthday was very special to me. Because I didn’t have any money on her birthday, I suffered the shame of having her sister pay for the party we had for her. I could only offer the car for our travel. My wife’s FIRST birthday as a wed woman, and her husband couldn’t even give her cash! How shameful! Don’t get me wrong, Rose didn’t ask for anything, she never forced me to buy her stuff, but I just feel very guilty not being able to make her feel extra special. So I asked her after her birthday, what she would like as a birthday gift…to my surprise, she did want something. It was jewelry! I thought it was a joke because it was way off our budget seeing I was still paying off my car loan, looking for rent and food money, etc. So I didn’t give it much thought. She didn’t either.

That night I stayed up thinking and praying if I should buy her jewelry. I prayed and prayed, until I remembered when I was still courting her, I would save my last centavo (exaggerated) just to buy Rose something that would make her happy. Again, I wasn’t rich back then (until now) so a new pair of jeans, or some cheap accessory was already a source of joy to both of us. I was happy when she was happy. I remember enjoying accompanying her to the mall and even waited for her to painstakingly pick her pair of shoes or blouse… I loved doing that! But of course, as a normal man, times change and you grow tired of doing the things you enjoyed before. So by the fifth or sixth year of our courting period, we were content in just watching TV, her knowing I was working hard to graduate, and me knowing she was working hard as a new employee in her job. Buying stuff wasn’t a priority anymore. But the thought crossed my mind and I remember the joy of sacrificing hard earned money to buy something that isn’t of worth to you, but of much worth to your loved one. So I took it as a YES from God.

That night, I decided to buy her the jewelry.

Less than three months after, I am so fulfilled to be able to say I paid for the jewelry in full. And as I see Rose wearing the engagement ring, wedding ring, and her new necklace and earrings, she is a stunner! Her beauty radiates and I know she loves my gifts! It is so fulfilling!

Well, today’s entry would end here, focusing on my fulfillment in loving Rose by giving to her, as God has given me the ability to.

The Last Seven Days of My Twenties


Today is May 20, 2008, seven days before my 30th birthday. Since I will be entering a new chapter in my life, I decided to write and review what has happened to my life this past decade and try to assess my life as early as now, be it positive or negative.

They say that the thirties are supposed to be when you’re building a business and career at the same time. All preparations should have been finished in your twenties, connections, necessary experiences, and all those stuff. Here’s where the guy should have passed the stage where he goes looking for girls, and acting like a child, bumming around and playing PSP all day, watching DVD and hanging out too much doing nothing.

They also say, the Thirties is where a guy should be raising up his family in a godly way, working hard to provide for his wife and kid, and have completely released himself from the dependence on his parents. Thirties is also a period where a guy who is single should have at least saved up for his own car, living apart from his parents, and should have at least finished a degree or taking up masters, or a PhD.

Well, I’m approaching that age in seven days. It’s a wonder how time flies so fast. I don’t regret anything, really, for my life has been very fruitful, very enjoyable and fulfilling, and very content. However, a person cannot be truly a developing person, if he or she is content in his present state, and stops dreaming and learning.

I am content, yet I am not satisfied with my state. Does it make sense? I am content in a way that I do not worry for my future; I am sure that though life is hard, God will take care of me, just like He did when I was growing up. But I am not satisfied with the life I could offer to others, and to my God. I must force myself to improve in my skills, to raise the quality of living for my wife and my future kids. I must be looking forward to the day that I could stand up before my colleagues, friends, relatives, and my family and say, “God has been good to me… see what He has done!” I want my Dad and my Mom to be very proud of me, as I am very proud of them. Though my Dad and Mom weren’t able to give us luxuries of life, they have given me life itself. They raised me up with the fear of the Lord, and have sacrificed a lot to bring me to where I am today. And it was them who introduced LIFE to me… Jesus. So I owe them everything: my everything. I salute you Papa and Mama!

To my country, I am still not the man you have expected me to be. I can still accomplish many things for you… I must make you proud of me. This is my love for my country, that at least I could give honor to my countrymen, and be a productive citizen, by being a part of the solution to our country’s problems, and to help other Filipinos by inspiring them, giving them hope, and encouraging them to do their best and love their country as well.

To my God, I have given all I am to You. But as it is, I am so unfit. I have so many weaknesses. I am so sinful and unworthy. I want to give something better to You O God. Please work in me and accomplish Your work through me. As I see it, I will never please You, but if I allow You to glorify Yourself through and in me, I am sure I am able to live a life worthy of Your name. It is all by Your strength alone. Have Your way, do Your will in me.

To my wife and lover, friend and partner, Rose, my past decade has been dedicated to loving you and being faithful to you. You are God’s gift to me. It is through you that I am able to give God a portion of His love to me. I need you, and I honor you as the woman who captured my heart. I will give my life for you and I will protect you, as well as lead and teach you. I will be your friend and support. I love you.

It seems that the next decade has a lot in store for me, I need to be a better person for the persons mentioned above! Honestly, if not for them, I would be a bum, enjoying myself and completely content with whatever happens in my life. That is why in the next ten years, I should live my life for others, my country, my wife, and my God.

Monday, May 19, 2008

I found a great movie!


I was blessed to be considered as one of Social Sparks reviewer of a movie called DeathNote. One of the requirements was to make a summary of the movie, and post it in your blog. So I logged on to the movie's link to know more about the story. Ha!!! It was amazing! I was so excited to watch this movie as soon as it will come out on May 20 or 21!

Ok, for my readers, I'll tell you the story:

An ace student called Light Yagami, accidentally gets a notebook called the Death Note, owned by the Death god Ryuk. This notebook, is so remarkable and powerful, that any name written on it would certainly die. Light saw this opportunity to help the world by writing all the names of evil people and wanted criminals, to administer his own justice. True enough, when the criminals start dropping dead one by one, the authorities send out a top notch investigator called "L" to find out why this is happening. Soon, L is hot on the trail of Light, who must re-evaluate his "noble" goal. Being both intellectually superior, they must pit against each other to determine who's really right and who's doing wrong.

Cool huh? Well check out the movie as it is showing in select theaters nationwide! On May 20th and 21st, 7:30pm... log on to They also asked me if I had special powers what would it be... so, I guess maybe my special power would be to mentally, and verbally influence the decision and beliefs of any person or group of people, meaning I can convince anyone or everyone whatever I think "for them" in true. Part of the perk is I can actually command them what to do or say, and even think.

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Travel Blessings as a Musician

God has indeed blessed me by not only giving me skills in music, but by letting me enjoy the perks and bonuses of being a musician! How? By traveling for FREE! As a young man, I really wanted to travel the world. But as I grew, I found it difficult to even travel in your own region, much worse your own local mall because of budget constraints! But bless the Lord I was allowed to join groups of musicians (MANILA STRING MACHINE and Manila Philharmonic Orchestra) who were also blessed by talent, that we get invitations to play to different private clubs, resorts, hotels, and even countries!!!

The only time I went out of the country was when we toured with the International Tenor Andrea Bocelli, where we went to Singapore and Hong Kong! I really enjoyed Hong Kong, because it was cool and very clean! Their policies and guidelines for traffic and the sort were strictly enforced, making it a very nice city! I went to the night market and Ocean Park, and it was really awesome! Staying with other musicians are great specially if you're in one hotel, you can go to the other guy's/ girl's unit and just eat up their bag of chips, and use their bathroom to keep yours clean.. ha! That was really cool! Hey if you want to check out cheap hotels in Hong Kong, you can go to this link which was referred to by friends:

Now, as a treat for my self, because I read a pamphlet about China about the Olympics, my desire is to visit China someday! I want to see the Great Wall, the Yang Tze River, Beijing, Shanghai... and basically to learn by first hand the beautiful ancient culture they had, before the West influenced them. The only hope I could go there if someone would pay for my fare, hotel accommodations and food for the stay! And that only hope is if ever I could play with a group and perform live!

Oh by the way, Shanghai before was a place where musicians played and was a bastion of great Filipino Musicians! My grandpa went there for a time and played the flute and clarinet in the army.
He also played in some hotels in Shanghai, how I wish I could go there!

So, if any of you would like to send me to China, so I could share the music God has given me, and for me to personally enjoy this wonderful culture, please wrtie me at or comment to this blog! Hehehe!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Making money out of Blogging, I signed up for SOCIALSPARK!

This blog has been a blessing to me, since I started last February. Blogging is easy and very enjoyable, you know, just writing about your life, your ideas, your feelings, and even somehow advertising your services! That’s what I did, and basically TAMPERPROOF WORSHIP has become a blog that shares my ideas, my experiences, and also my expertise…playing music! In a sense playing music is my line of work, and so I call it a profession, therefore, I can use my blog to be my profession related to music! Ah! Whatever I mean, Im just saying that Im making money out of my blog either by blogging, or advertising my services!

Since we’re in the topic of blogging, there have been many sites that have helped me earn some bucks. Yup, just write and you get remunerated! Well, the business of blogging indeed has boomed and what’s important is that advertisers see this as a great way to spread the word, whether it’s a product, or just a buzz!

Some sites also sponsor your blog because they just want their site to be known. A specific site I want to endorse is SocialSpark, where you can actually meet and advertise to new people around the world! What’s so neat is that Ir ead their CODE OF ETHICS, they indicated there that they place high regard in disclosure, or full transparency. What they mean is they want the blogger, (which is me) to let it known that I get paid in what I do. This way, people who read your blog can know for which advertiser you are working with, and get connected to them also! Isnt it cool? Well, whatever the case, SocialSpark is one of the coolest sites I’ve ever been to. Why don’t you join now? Just click on the link and presto, you’re there! Enjoy your blogging!

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

new songs coming!

Last night, as we were preparing a line up for Sunday's songs, God gave me a tune and a topic about serving Him. Our series this May is refreshing oneself in God's healing waters, and the specific topic is Jesus' washing of the feet of the disciples, so I needed to write a song about service. Serving others is great, but serving the Lord is the best!

I thought that us serving Him is really just a response to what He has already done! I can never serve Him out of my own initiative...why? He served me first. The same when I say I love Him: God loved me first, and died for my sins even when I was still hopeless. He chose to love me. What is amazing is to know that He has loved me with an everlasting love, and has drawn me with His loving kindness!

Going back, so my song will revolve around that topic, and ideas from His Word. Not yet complete though, coz I realized that the line up wasn't finished yet! Well, after it was finished I felt I needed to pray more about the song's structure and poetry. Oh, my fervent prayer is that my words wouldn't be too much "my" feelings, but more of who He is, and facts from the Word! Lord help me write YOUR song! I pray that He would give me the chance to write more songs for Him! I love singing to my great God!!!

Watch out for the new song!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Music: Where is it Heading?

I've been writing alot of worship songs since I got involved with our music team as a worship leader since 1997. I've been blessed to have written over 60+ songs and by God's grace over 90% of the songs have a very high retention and appeal to the congregation. Though of course it is not the goal AT ALL, since we know that it's what God would think that matters, but practically speaking, you have to think about the congregation (crowd, audience) who will sing the songs, so it does have a factor.

Moving on, I'm very blessed to have been chosen by God to write such well-loved songs like Heartcry, Take Me, Pumarito Ka, For Eternity, This is the Day, Worship You, Alay, etc. God could've chosen anybody to do that for Him, but still, even though I am a dirty, rotten sinner, He used me. Praise the Lord... With that said, I feel I'm not giving His songs much justice by sharing it only to our local churches, and sadly, even just to our congregation. I know the songs can go farther and be a blessing to other bodies of believers elsewhere. Be it paid or not, my goal is to see the nations worship, and I would love to be part of that by letting the songs entrusted to me be hymns of praise, of thanksgiving, of devotion, of worship to our God.

The thing that troubles me is this... I don't know where I'm heading. I have this weakness of being in too many duties at the same time, spreading myself too thin, and ending up not accomplishing really BIG-TIME for God. I also have the love for many things, an interest for many subjects, and a desire to be student and also a leader. I am so confused. I ask not that God would take away these wonderful gifts from me, but I ask that He would give me the will, the wisdom and the character to decide on which I should prioritize and pursue.

Right now, the songs are just sitting here, waiting to be a blessing to others. I desire for God to help me record these songs, lead me to producers who will fund the recording and publishing, and distribution, even promotions of these songs. If any of you might want to help me in this endeavor, please help by praying for a good laptop computer that I may be mobile in recording and editing from our church and our home, a good condenser microphone, and lastly, please pray that God would provide for me musicians who are really capable and talented, and who have hearts to worship the Lord.

If you want to express your help in any way possible, please contact me at or by calliong my phone 0918-9066377. May the Lord bless you and keep you in His love and grace!


On May 13, 2008 the Manila String Machine's debut performance as a small string orchestra was a huge success! Composed of six violins, two violas, a cello and a double bass, we performed for the glorious 30th Anniversary of Prudential Life.

Though Manila String Machine is known for being a music service provider, I decided to name the small string ensemble with the same name, and the clients loved it, as well as my coleagues, who were highly capable, professional, and talented musicians.

Dressed in our tuxedos, the members of the Manila String Machine provided dinner music, AVP background music, walk in music for presentors, background music for the awardees, and accompaniment for the PrudentialLife theme song Did You Fill The World With Love and If We Hold On Together. As expected, string music elevates the ambience of a high class event, but LIVE string music makes it even soar higher.

Included in our repertoire for the evening were Astor Piazzola pieces, arranged for strings, Winter Games Theme, 1984 Olympic Theme, James Bond Theme, and the Godfather Theme, just to name a few. Manila String Machine's resident arranger Rommel Camba, is a very skillful arranger, weaving into his arrangements the beautiful flow and harmony of string music. His talent is exceptional, and he workd very fast, either just by giving him the piano piece, or just the audio, the outcome is fantastic.

With the success of the first performance as a group we seek to serve clients who would want to hear us play as a small chamber orchestra, complete with brass, woodwinds, and percussion. Maybe the next step is looking for a client who may be needing strings with a small brass/woodwind section, and a standard rhythm section composed of drums, electric bass, electric guitar, keyboards and a piano. It would be a challenge for us, but the Manila String Machine depends on God's help and grace, therefore we will succeed!

To know more about The Manila String Machine's services you can view my blog named Manila String Machine, or check out MSM's multiply site, and scroll down to see the older posts! Or contact me at (0918)9066377, or 6453027. You can email me at too.

Bless the Lord!

Monday, May 12, 2008


I was invited to join a seminar by the Passion Team last May 12, and was surprised to discover that the seminar was for leaders of youth groups/ churches to help out as volunteers in the upcoming PASSION WORLD TOUR, which includes artists like Louie Giglio and Chris Tomlin. They will be holding this "concert", on august 1 at the ULTRA. Oh, I was informed that this is not a concert, but rather a worship celebration and a time of teaching, strengthening, building and empowering college students to live their lives for Christ. Invited in this event are college students, youth workers, and even youth pastors who are looking for fresh approaches to address our young people's roller coaster lifestyles! Do email me about this great event since I might be part of the volunteers who will help in whatever capacity we can. Oh, if you need more information, just log on to

I love to sleep!

To those like me who love to sleep, I could just imagine a soft pillow on a warm, comfortable mattress, airconditioning set at a very cool temperature, some soft music playing your favorite classical piece on cello, and lighting is just perfect to lull your tired eyes to sleep. I am blessed to enjoy these luxuries, except the airconditioning, and have truly enjoyed every moment of sleeping except for.... BED BUGS! I had a friend who had an apparatus to get those bedbugs out, and immediately, life turned to normal!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Leadership by Example

I am blessed to have people under me who are good men and women of the Lord. Whose desire is to serve the King and to make His glory known. I have been leading our worship team in church, and for some reason lately, my friends and co-servants who serve under me have noticed and commended my being a loved leader.

In all honesty, I don't see myself as a head of an army, much less even the head of a company of soldiers, I just do my job and I want to get the work finished as clean and as early as possible. But praise the Lord in my service to Him, many of the young people have been blessed by the attitude I have taught them, to never be arrogant, but in humility regard others better than themselves.

In the ministry, integrity, and passion must go hand in hand. Besides that it is imperative to have a servant heart. But it all becomes effective if we lead by example. We cannot be generals who fight the war behind the last line of defense. I believe in a leader who is always in the front, raising the banner, and declaring, "follow me to VICTORY!" Ha, the picture of a champion!

I am far from my dream, but in my opinion, i will always be heading towards that direction. MAybe I will never reach my goals, and would lead only a handful of soldiers in my lifetime, but it is all worth it, if i knew, that some faithfu; men and women followed my lead, as i led by example. As the Apostle Paul said, follow me, as I follow Christ.

Art and my baby

I am a musician. I happen to be a graphic artist too. I love to write poetry, short stories, and articles on worship. But in all these, there is a connection. And that is a pen. You need to be a calligrapher to experience the beauty of writing. The Chinese say that a good swordsman has the ability to wield his sword at the stroke of his pen.

Alright, enough of the artistic words… bottom line, I love to write! And my love for nice penmanship has also dug up a passion for great fonts, lettering and the sort. I recently got married, and in our budget constraints, I decided to write all my invitations. And write them I did. I took the strength out of me! Man, it took days to do those invitations! I remember buying a calligrapher’s pen, and also ink, so I practiced all my known fonts and started writing on semi-finished invitations. And trust me, after that, they were gorgeous! It added a personal touch because all were handmade! But then again, I was drained of all my energies!

A good solution to this problem of getting tired is the simple printing! Ha, next time, coz the next step after my wedding is making invitations to our possible baby’s dedication! His or her birthday invitations or any baby announcements we would send out must be done lovingly and beautifully! Well, there’s no baby yet but I’m sure I’m hiring a letterpress printing company to do all the work for me. Now with my taste for calligraphy, I need someone to do it my way. Someone to write it as if I did it myself… hopefully it comes soon!

The Musicians' Paradise!

If you're a musician, you have got to check out this website! Well, I hope you could visit this asap so coz I've been looking for music sheets all over the net, and so far this is the best. You need lyrics? From Ron Kenoly's Sing Out, to Red Hot Chilli Peppers Lyrics, you can download them all!

Aside from being a singer and cellist, i really love the bass... and my influences are basically Jaco Pastorius, Abraham Laboriel, Jackie Street, Don Harris, and yes, Flea. This site also has tabs for the songs of red hot chilli Peppers bass tabs.

Ha, not only am i interested in the four stringers, but also am a guitarist myself! I remember learning by ear Harem Scarem's Honestly, Something to Say, White Lion's You're All I need, and even the guitar tabs of Red Hot Chilli Peppers Under the Bridge. It's really cool!

Man, learning new stuff for me is the best way to express your music. Like a language, you need to be well versed so you could communicate better. Likewise in music, you need to learn more music, secular and gospel, so you could understand your music more. And the best road to take is learn to read music! If not, collect tabs, lyrics, bass charts, they're all available in the net! Thank God for technology! Go info age!


My mom came home one day with a bottle of sweet tasting juice. She asked me to take some sips and I asked her immediately what it was. My mom enthusiastically answered it's the fountain of youth!

I asked her how in the world could that be, when it is just a myth? The answer is simple... GOJI juice. It comes from a plant called goji, found in the himalayas, and it was used by Chinese emperors to preserve their health. One evidence is that they actually lived longer than their contemporaries! My mom put it to the test, and she found for herself that she really grew stronger, she felt less tired, her immune system was boosted,(it was when she was taking Goji was when she had the longest time of wellness and disease free), and less grey hair grew, and out of the ordinary: her hair in her armpits grew again! She had smooth, hairless armpits for the longest time!

It is sort of funny, but to buy goji juice or gochi juice would certainly boost your life, and health. It's really a fountain of youth!


What do I mean second place? Here's the reason: we were first counselors and servants, before we are musicians. I remember during our earlier camps, we were rock stars and an elite group of people who scooted out of the sanctuary every time we were finished with the music part of the worship time. We walked around the camp site saying Hi to everyone and signing autographs and we were literally stars!

I wont be a hypocrite, I loved the feeling. It felt good to be respected, appreciated and even revered. But this year we were different. Pastor Jeff (the camp director) instructed us to be 2nd Rate Musicians, and first rate counselors (understand the context?). We had to build relationships with the campers (we were assigned a group of young people that we were responsible with), and spend time with them, eat with them, play games with them, pray with them, share the Word to them, and basically be a big brother to them. At first we were apprehensive and wanted to group ourselves together, but after a while we understood the importance of investing time in the lost kids' lives.

Many of us shared after the camp that we were able to share the gospel more this camp than the whole year combined! We had stories of lost hope renewed, rededication of lives, repentance of sins, and a transformation of lives! And on top of that, we had the greatest influence on them because they see us on stage! Maybe that's why the Praise team was assigned to the most notorious group of guys... hmm, now it makes sense. It was indeed the right choice, and an honor, to be 2nd Rate musicians in the Heroes Camp.


Last April, I got to serve the Lord and the young people of this generation by being part of the Music team of the HEROES youth camp. This year, we had a great band! Namely, the instruments we used were awesome, the set up of the sound system and monitoring systems were really great, miking and mixing was very up to par with the demands of a "rock" concert. It was really cool, since this year, I was the over all in-charge of music including sound set-up.

From the transport of equipment from different churches, coordinating the people to be in places on time, getting the same people to load and unload equipment, encouraging them to work hard (remember, none of us are paid to do this), set up the sound system, instruments, miking, monitoring, and house sounds, whew! All of those! But it was great because I had a great team of musicians and servants (of the Lord), who were basically hard workers and excited to serve God. My team was composed of, directly under me was Russel Surigao, a very talented young man who became the apprentice of Harry White, a sound engineer while he held his week long sound seminars here in the Philippines. Russel was really interested in setting the hi-tech equipment up. By the way, included in my line of work was the responsibility of making sure the equipment to be brought was working, three weeks ahead!

Russel studies electronics in a vocational college and he is pretty good in those electronics kit kats. He works hard, cleanly, and professionally, and his work ethics are very good. Anyway, he was basically responsible for setting all the equipment up at camp, and Praise God, we had ZERO problems during the two-week camp. I admire that young man.

Also with the team are able and equally talented musicians, who helped carry stuff, set up the hardware, and industriously worked to perfect their craft. Jeff, Ryan, Kenneth, Jerry, Momon, Kaye, Paulene, Maxinne, Aubrey, Rachel, Herschelle, David, Charisse, Kurt, Christine, Micah, Sheila and Ashley. Man all of them were awesome! They rehearsed hard, and played very well! On top of those, they really were worshiping, and they love the Lord with all their heart.

I seriously love serving with them, and that is why I consider this camp: THE COOLEST!

Sunday, May 4, 2008


I’m a new comer in the web based business environment, and yet I do enjoy the quick, easy processes of web banking. Many of you who might read my blog may notice that I am a music service provider and I get paid through bank, or fund transfer, and not always cash. But as we all know, on-line marketing is booming, and the fashion trend for this technologically advanced age is surely leaning on the web based payments, and e fund transfers.
A good solution to many of our fund transfer (e payments) is Payoneer. Not Pah-yo-neer, but Pehy-yoh-neer. They are veterans of the financially and technologically related realms of businesses, and their services basically involves Mastercard. If you are a Mastercard holder, you can make payments all around the world for traveling, online payments, and for web based businesses to make payments to their workers, vendors, etc. It’s a great solution indeed to cover all our payment needs! By the way the card is PRE PAID, so the limit is up to you!
They offer the Prepaid MasterCard®. Which can be used worldwide, just as long as MasterCards® is accepted! Really cool huh? They also assure the customers that they are able to use their cards easily, safely and responsibly.
Now, the dangers of on-line fund transfer is also high risk. But if you log on to their website, you can be assured that they offer one of the best customer service in the world! Not only that, they are partners with reputable financial institutions worldwide, and they place high priority on investing on the top-notch secure technology! Oh, maybe you can check them out as soon as you finish reading my blog!

To be able to know more about the company, you can go to their website at


Yes I do! I'm so happy with my blog because of the income I get out of it! Yeah, nasty as it may seem, but who would say "no" to income!? It's really great since I started last february, I was able to generate much income, which may probably not be big for you, but for me it is!

I started out writing my thoughts on worship, about my love for my wife, the church, etc., but I felt led to advertise my services (music services) through free blogging! What makes me excited is that if you go to the google search engine, type "string quartet for hire manila", my blog would probably be in the top 5 WORLDWIDE! And many times, I do top the list!!! Since february my clients grew to about 8-10, and it covers weddings, to small events, to graduations, and an upcoming Corporate event in Prudential life to be held at sofitel. What makes me more excited is that this is my first client to hire a 10pc string orchestra! My biggest so far. Hopefully, this would grow into even bigger shows, and by God's grace alone, I would love to work with concerts, tv shows, recordings, etc.

Now, for all of these, I bless the name of the Lord, from whom all blessings flow. And God doesnt just give me blessings, He makes sure I work hard for them. He doesnt want to spoil me you know. But if do look at the minute details of life, how He richly blesses ALL of us, we are kinda spoiled...

But that's because He is my Dad. He loves to provide for me, and take care of me. This blog has ultimately brought back glory to the One who deserves it all, Jesus! That's why I LOve My BLOG!

tamperproof worshipper

tamperproof worshipper
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