Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Last April, I got to serve the Lord and the young people of this generation by being part of the Music team of the HEROES youth camp. This year, we had a great band! Namely, the instruments we used were awesome, the set up of the sound system and monitoring systems were really great, miking and mixing was very up to par with the demands of a "rock" concert. It was really cool, since this year, I was the over all in-charge of music including sound set-up.

From the transport of equipment from different churches, coordinating the people to be in places on time, getting the same people to load and unload equipment, encouraging them to work hard (remember, none of us are paid to do this), set up the sound system, instruments, miking, monitoring, and house sounds, whew! All of those! But it was great because I had a great team of musicians and servants (of the Lord), who were basically hard workers and excited to serve God. My team was composed of, directly under me was Russel Surigao, a very talented young man who became the apprentice of Harry White, a sound engineer while he held his week long sound seminars here in the Philippines. Russel was really interested in setting the hi-tech equipment up. By the way, included in my line of work was the responsibility of making sure the equipment to be brought was working, three weeks ahead!

Russel studies electronics in a vocational college and he is pretty good in those electronics kit kats. He works hard, cleanly, and professionally, and his work ethics are very good. Anyway, he was basically responsible for setting all the equipment up at camp, and Praise God, we had ZERO problems during the two-week camp. I admire that young man.

Also with the team are able and equally talented musicians, who helped carry stuff, set up the hardware, and industriously worked to perfect their craft. Jeff, Ryan, Kenneth, Jerry, Momon, Kaye, Paulene, Maxinne, Aubrey, Rachel, Herschelle, David, Charisse, Kurt, Christine, Micah, Sheila and Ashley. Man all of them were awesome! They rehearsed hard, and played very well! On top of those, they really were worshiping, and they love the Lord with all their heart.

I seriously love serving with them, and that is why I consider this camp: THE COOLEST!

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