Monday, February 11, 2008

Love Grows, or does it?

I have adopted a radical view on my love for Rose, my wife. Although it may sound weird and un-romantic, but at the end I see it very well fits how I really feel for my wife.

Here's the statement: I CAN'T LOVE MY WIFE MORE.

Wild. Heartless. Cold.

On the other hand, I see it as a Biblical way of loving someone. When I decided to love Rose, take note DECIDED, not just "fell" in love, I made it a point that I would love her with the closest possible way God loves His Children and His wife: the Church. What I mean is simple: God doesn't love you more, and love you less because He loves You just the way you are and you cant do anything about it. His love is an everlasting love as described in Jeremiah, and it never changes. Many say about God's love: you cant earn it, or do anything bad not to deserve it. His love is a gift, and it is free, it is unconditional, and it is perfect. Paralleled to my love for my wife, I told my heart that I shouldn't have a "human" love for Rose, because it fades, and I tell you, it all depends on emotions. But if you learn to love someone with God's love, it might, it JUST might not be the same!

So, I chose to love my wife like that: not changing, and she cant do anything to change that. I have to learn to do that more and more each day because I fight with my human side EVERYDAY! From the day I said I Love You to the day we breathe our last, I must love her at a constant way. Now what happened to getting closer and growing more in love? Cute, but I would want to call it " growing together in God's love" everyday. I would rather rejoice in the fact that I love her, and knowing more about her causes me to ENJOY and thank God more, rather than loving her more. You see, our love (by God's strength) must remain constant, only the relationship grows, the enjoyment grows, the passion grows, and even the problems grow, and our understanding of each other changes, and sometimes, our character completely changes but the love remains the same.

A verse in the Bible describes this concept very vividly: Now these three remain: Faith, hope, and love. But of the three, the greatest is love. Why? Because, many times, our faith in our spouse changes. Many times, our hopes of them changing to what we expect them to be fades, and even tuns into frustration and despair, but if LOVE REMAINS, you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. You will survive. But if you put your chances of success on your faith on each other, your hopes for each other, I tell you, you will be very disappointed. It would be great to have all three, believe me, I want that for every family! But if all else fails, let love remain the same.

And that is how I chose to love my wife...

I hope I fully understand what I'm saying, but in my heart I know I'm right.


Jen said...

Wow! Great post, Ted! :-)

Frances said...

Do delete this as soon as you read it so that it won't be known that your grammar was corrected.

First sentence. It's "I have ADOPTED a radical view..."

To adopt is to take in; to adapt is to change oneself. i.e.
ADOPT "I have adopted a child" or "I am adopting a new religion"
ADAPT "I am having a hard time adapting to the climate"

Also, be more careful with your contractions i.e. cant (correct can't). All in all, this is a good post. As your sister, I feel very proud there's another writer in the family. As an editor, well, I think you still need some work! Harhar

I have a post in my blog re: the same Bible passage. You interpret it as love is never changing, I interpret it as love constantly makes ME grow. There's no real difference actually. Love is powerful, faithful and constant. It is us mere humans that are changed because of it. And yes, love is always always a decision.

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