Sunday, March 29, 2009

In Awe Part 3, Lost But Found

This is a concert which featured Master's Pedestal and Shekinah, two home-grown bands that have developed into very skillful and artistic young musicians. Today (and last friday), they rocked the house down! Praises and glory for the Lord God erupted as tone levels were pushed higher and these two bands really prepared by putting together a great line up and great selection of genres.

I am really proud to be part of their growth. They are indeed starting to blossom into competent musicians... though admittedly, still ALOT to learn and develop, but they sure will get there! I remember whem I was 17 or eighteen and Pastor Jeff was painstakingly triaining our group, which composed of purely non-trained musicians... a gang of rag tags who didnt have an idea of balance, musical dynamics, and because of Jeff's efficient and patient guidance, we slowly learned the basics of group playing... and worship. Watching JIVE youth perform a while ago gave me the chills. They were more than awesome! To think that they werent even complete and they were still not fully rehearsed, but they blew the house down!!!! Pastor Jeff is a classic teacher. No musician who came from under his tutelage becomes a nobody... they all become monsters of music!

When the baton was passed to me as music director, I only had to hand down the basic principles i learned from him. And of course a bit more since I worked and played with different genres of musicians such as Jazz, classical, country and even 20th century music groups! And my training as a classical musician (where did that go now?) also helped in educating and developing our new musicians at church.

But that is beside the point. My role in this concert is only to call the shots... from behind. I still lead worship, and direct music yes, but I know the time will come when new people will have to take my place... I feel so old, yet so fulfilled! I am so proud, like a dad! But, I have to get more training so I could share and train more! My contribution as an artist in our church is still minimal. I have to strive to give more.

I watched myself grow in worship and in music. I also grew in responsibility and leadership. Now I am watching others do the same. Is there a better feeling than that? And also seeing these young people mature and follow God and obey Him makes me prouder! Guys like Russel, Kenneth, Momon, Jeff, Ryan, Augie, Weldon, Jun Rey, and also the ladies like Kaye Ann, Ashley, Asia, and countless others who are dedicated to follow and obey the Lord Jesus. What a scene!

I am truly blessed. I am truly blessed.

tamperproof worshipper

tamperproof worshipper
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