Sunday, February 17, 2008

While we were yet sinners

After reading my own blog on my "unchanging love", I felt compelled to talk about the kind of love God has for ALL... ridiculous, really, coz it is offered even to evil people and "non-deserving" individuals. Let's begin with the fact that NO ONE deserves the love of God. Not even the Jews. But again, He decided to love us, ALL. No exceptions. It was His choice to love an undeserving people, and that is why it is amazing. And however "holy" we think we are, or religious, or clean, or whatever you may want to call it, all our "good" works are like filthy rags, if it used in the context of earning or deserving God's love.

Imagine someone you meet in the street, dirty, and filthy all over. You suddenly see his/her state and you approach the stranger and asks him if you could love him, and even become part of your life which requires your constant attention. Quite far-fetched eh? A complete stranger, and you love that person still. Not your type, but you still go on. Now, word spreads to all and they want to be loved by you too. You extend the same love to all who seek your love, and you even hope that everyone would avail of your free offer. Now people do want your love and want to express their interest in receiving your love by offering to trade their gifts for your love. But here are their gifts: the best one could offer was a rag which was used to clean the vomit of a sick person. Sorry, really gross. And that was the best offer. 99.9 % offered something more gross than that. However sincere the person maybe, there is no way you will accept the offer, besides, you're giving it for FREE! Why accept a gross, worthless deal? I hope I painted a picture of why ALL our humanitarian acts, good works, holy living and the likes only amount to filthy rags when offered to God.

Now, I know my picture is still far from the grace that reality expresses. God's love is more than what I've described. Infinitely more. Now you may ask, what kind of love did God really offer to people? When this world actually is in LACK of love? There is so much hate and so much hunger and thirst for love, how come a vast majority of people have not experienced this love? If God really loves ALL, why doesn't He simply give it?

The answer is : He already has. He said in His word, that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Yes, even if we don't accept the love, he already expressed His love for us. And it was offered to all of us.

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Gregg said...

Hi, I stumbled onto your blog from google. Very nice post.

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tamperproof worshipper
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