Thursday, June 25, 2009

Against the Flow (new song)

I wrote a new song for Nikki Gil. Please pray that it would pass their standards, if ever it is accepted, this would be the first time I would have a professional sing my compositions! Nikki has been a friend since way back 2005, and she has been a gracious recording artist (with the help of her mom, ate Sol, Ian and Nikko) as she agreed to sing my worship song "Take Me". I was so excited to have someone like her sing the song, and she said she loved it! Again I was given another opportunity to send a song demo, just in case my song passes, to be included in her upcoming album. I passed one op before when I didn't put any effort in sending one, when her producer/manager/mom gave me a rare chance to be part of her last album. I was not only irresponsible, but i was dumb. The Lord gave me another op when Tita Julie (her Mom) sent me a text mesage two days ago saying I might be interested in submitting a song for her new album, and she needed a Christian/inspirational themed one. Its an honor to be considered as a contributor, and that alone is already a great accomplishment for me. So I stayed up late last night, and started making a song. It was supposed to be a Mylie Cyrus style, country rock, pop song, but when I heard The Climb, its songwriting class was way above mine! I thought it was impossible to make a similar one, or even one that stands close to it! Whatever the case, I started working on it. I admit, I cant do it. So I prayed to God to help me write the lyrics, tune, chords, arrangement, style, etc. Jacqui my sister gave some input and she was more than willing to help except that it was late so she had to go home. I stayed up to until 2:30am working on lyrics and melodies, rhythmic patters, etc. and it was so frustrating! I finally said, whatever the outcome, let the Lord work in it. So i slept and at around 2pm this afternoon, i started recording a demo of it. Since the melody isn't finalized yet, I didn't ask my sister to sing it yet... So i decided to sing in a female voice, just to experiment. Well, after a few tries and a few revisions, I finished a whole song worth of my "female" voice. And since I thought it practical to submit the demo, it really didn't matter if I sung it or whoever, Nikki is supposed to sing it herself, so its just a study track. Well, I just sent the demo to Tita Julie, and I'm praying that the Lord would move through the song and make it as touching and encouraging to people who have lost hope in fighting for a better and brighter future. Ladies and gentlemen, "Against the Flow", written and performed by myself for Nikki Gil's upcoming album. Hope y'all like it!

Against the Flow

Theodore Amper

2009 botbydbludmusic

I find myself, drifting in a river of aimless streams

I cannot help, but float in the direction of broken dreams

I need the strength to turn my life around

It aint too late to start anew

I’ll never stop, won’t give in

There is hope, and strength within

I must ri----se, no matter how much I fall

I’ll lift my head, fight again

Though the current takes my strength

The world must know, I swam against the flow

Swam against the flow…

I wouldn’t just believe, what the world dictates my heart should do

Though they take me as a fool, I’ll remain in my convictions and follow Truth

Even if the mountain’s high (high), even if I cant yet see the Source of this call

I will trust that in its time, I will reach my destination (and) it was worth my all

I realize, Im not alone

I’ll need Your strength to carry on

I’ll never stop, won’t give in

There is hope, and strength within

I must ri----se, no matter how much I fall

I’ll lift my head, fight again

Though the current takes my strength

The world must know, I swam against the flow

BRIDGE: (F#m –G#m-A..)

I know its not the easy road, to believe when others wont

I know its gonna take some faith, so be strong and trust in the Lord!

Never stop, don’t give in

There is hope, and strength within

You must ri----se, no matter how much you fall

Lift your head, fight again

Though the current takes your strength

The world must know, you swam against the flow


michico said...

astig naman nito Thedz!
ibang klase...
God gave you a wonderful talent and you're using it wisely

Jeff said...

Wow, keep on writing songs, bro! I hope to see your CD released soon!

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_rhedzism_ said...

Kuya Tedz...!!

Congrats in Advance..!!

You're really an awesome song writer and singer. I admire you for that. Keep it up!

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