Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ravi Zacharias' answers to atheists

Steps to debunk Darwin’s Evolution Theory regarding the Existence of God.

1. However you section physical reality, you take the physical universe as you see it, however you slice it down to its minutest form, the fact of the matter is you end up with a physical entity or quantity that does not have reason for its existence in itself. Ultimately, the physical universe reduced in any form cannot explain its own origin. It has to find its explanation outside of itself which means the FIRST explanation of the universe as we see it has to have something NON-PHYSICAL (Spiritual) as a first cause. So, you have something like a “haunted” universe without knowing what the FIRST cause is.

2. Next you come to the argument not from design but TO design. If you walk into a planet and come across a McDonald’s wrapper or letters of the alphabet, you immediately know that there is information there. Logic tells you that when you see information, you assume that prior to that information is a mind. You don’t just think that Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus accidentally came together, or the dictionary developed because of an explosion in a printing press. There is sequence to the whole thing. If you take just the composition of the enzyme in the human component, which is the building block of the gene, which is the building block of the cell, the possibility of the human enzyme coming together by random says Vic Ramsinky professor of applied mathematics in Cardith, Wales, the possibility of that happening by chance is 1/10 to 40,000!! That’s more than the number of atoms of the whole universe! It is, time-wise and mathematically impossible! So I say to you no.1 the physical quantity cannot explain itself number two, there’s intelligibility which assumes there is a prior mind… so the first case there something non physical, second case there is something intellectual, and

3. …third, in the history of society, human experience, and history itself you begin to realize that the moral issues, the social issues and just human intercourse, demands the explanation of a moral reality. So you have a FIRST CAUSE that is spiritual, a FIRST CAUSE that has a mind, and a FIRST CAUSE that needs to explain morality. You take these three struggles, and pause with me for a moment here, there are four fundamental questions in life: ORIGIN, Meaning, morality and destiny. You take these four questions, and these three explanations needed, and only GOD is big enough to explain this universe!

QUESTIONS from an atheist student regarding the existence of God:

Student: How can you talk about the existence of an all- loving and all-powerful God when there is so much moral and gratuitous EVIL in the world? Doesn’t that strike you as contradictory?

Ravi: Stay with me for a moment, because I have questions for you: When you say there’s such a thing as evil, aren’t you assuming there’s such a thing as good?

Student: Yes, I accept.

Ravi When you say there is such a thing as good, are you saying there exists a moral law, so as to differentiate between something good and something evil?

Student: I accept that as well.

Ravi: So if you pose that there is a moral law, then you should suppose there is a moral LAW GIVER, but that is what you were trying to disprove and NOT prove!

If there is NO law giver, then there is no moral law, if there is no moral law, there is no such thing as good, if there is no good, then there is no way to define evil, so WHAT IS YOUR QUESTION?


xenolithofreason said...

You're an idiot. Look up Leibniz's law of combinatorics. It basically states that any process that can possibly happen, no matter how small the probability, WILL happen, given enough time. As for information, DNA is self-replicating. The more successful DNA survives longer and therefore goes on to replicate more often, while the less favorable DNA gradually disappears.

Debunking Darwin's Theory of Evolution? Hardly. You're merely trying to ruin a theory by mentioning faults that cannot be explained by any other theory either. That does not change its credibility. You may think that "God" is a sufficient answer for everything, but God is the opposite of science and reason. He cannot be verified. So to try to fight a theory that has momentous evidence behind it with a groundless theory of God (Who is, by definition, neither verifiable nor logical) is utter folly.

-The Xenolith of Reason

P.S. It may interest you to know that evolution in nature has already been proven. Bacteria evolve to resist antibiotics; the more resistant genes survive and reproduce.

Omar said... are indeed non-sense! you don't know what you are talking about. The subject here about the existence of good and evil and the existence of God.

but i think you are just a product of primordial slime, so i cannot trust what you present here:)

INDLA said...

@xenolithofreason: When you say the complex DNA is self-replicating, are you not saying that it cannot be proved but believed because of its effects? Is that science? Just because you don't know it doesn't mean that there is no reason for DNA replicating, isn't it? You definitely need more faith to be an athiest than to beleive in God. Try hard on yourself. But you honestly follow the truth and God will find you. I'm not saying you will find God but He will find you.

Lindy said...

Actually, bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics is an example of adaptation within a species, not evolution. The bacteria is still bacteria. It has not evolved into anything other than bacteria.

David Costilla said...

“Although they have ears, they cannot hear and although they have eyes, they cannot see"

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